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17-year-old rapper, singer, and producer Perade drops brand new single "Burning Up In Flames"

Brand new R&B artist Perade is emerging with a bold sound and a motivated attitude which is sure to get him far in the music business. This 17-year-old rapper, singer, and producer with a bright future is on his way to proving himself with songs that stand out in the current music scene. Perade rebels against the limitations of modern music genres, making honest music curated towards the tastes of him and his audience heedless to the lines that he blurs within his wide-ranging style.

On April 26th, Perade dropped his newest single “Burning Up In Flames” in collaboration with Swainsty. The single takes the listener on an upbeat sonic adventure, highlighting the knack that these two songwriters have for creating anthematic beats to jam along with on your summer 2022 playlists. The themes that Perade presents on his pertinent music represent the relatability that he provides in regards to his audience of like minded teenagers. He has an irrefutable potential for success and influence within the music industry due to his authentic message and inventive approach to his artistry.

The new single recounts complexities of young love. In “Burning Up In Flames”, these two songwriters employ fervent lyricism to accurately depict the exciting yet daunting experience of succumbing to a mutual feeling of infatuation. Perade describes the frantic passion that corresponds with falling in love, narrating a personal account of this capricious state of mind.

Growing up in the UK, this young musician always had a passion for music. Regardless of his youth, Parade's creative potential puts him on track to turn heads in the music industry very soon. “Burning Up In Flames” marks the singer’s third release, following his previous singles “Sad Songs” and “Carry On” which were put out back in 2021. Perade is coming at the music industry with a refreshing perspective, causing him to stand out with his positive attitude and enthralling musicality.


Scroll down to listen to "Burning Up In Flames" out now on all streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Perade on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to hear more about his upcoming releases!

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