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Artist and Producer Zuloh on his new single "Better off alone," his love for playing live, and more

Artist and producer Zuloh just released his newest single “Better off alone” out now on all streaming platforms. This multi-talented creative is stepping out of his shell, inspired by the things and people around him. His newest song reaches even farther into the indie electronic genre, fueled by the anti-pop acts which influence him.

Photo Credit: Sona Earnest / Zuloh

Jordan Rosen, who goes by the artist name Zuloh, has a motivated and engaging personality, and his drive and passion for his art and industry as a whole is inspiring. In our conversation, Jordan and I talked about his goals as an artist, and how they may have changed within the recent years.

“I want to start letting go of my perfectionist and overtouching tendencies. It's the downfall of creativity, and I want to work on letting things be imperfect, and releasing things a lot more because of that.”

“Better off alone” was primarily written back in Summer 2022, but Zuloh placed a new layer of production over it in the fall. His new environment mixed with his growing interest in the anti-pop genre created the best potential for creativity. Written, produced, sung, and mixed by Zuloh, his music holds the utmost individuality. His new track is soaring above the expectations of the genres which define him, creating a boundary-bending sound filled with heartfelt basslines, glimmering synths, and catchy vocals.

“Its definitely an introspective song, dealing with the internal feeling of letting someone go. It caters towards being alone on a late night car ride, feeling emotional.”
Photo Credit: Sona Earnest / Zuloh

Now based in California, Jordan is committing to his artistry more than ever before. This fall, Jordan moved from New York to start his freshman year at USC, where he has been working tirelessly to improve his writing and producing craft. His recent projects have demonstrated major strides for Zuloh as a multidimensional artist. Along with releasing his own music, Jordan is also involved in many other sectors of the arts and entertainment industry.

“I always have wanted Zuloh to be multimedia with audio and visuals. I've been getting a lot of photographic and design inspiration from the talented friends around me here, as well as reference books.”

One of the most important aspects to Jordan’s career whether it be as an artist or industry professional is live shows.

“I came from live shows. I’ve been going to shows since I was 5 and I've been to a ton of festivals and I was volunteering at shows as a kid. My desire to become an artist has always come from a desire to play shows, whether that be to make people cry, dance, sing, or feel emotions. The end goal when I'm mapping out my major goals for a project, is centered around live shows and live experiences for people.”

Zuloh’s sound has developed significantly over the past few years. The original sound that we hear in his music is largely attributed to Jordan’snlong-term influence from Electronic artist Flume. Artists like Big Gigantic and Jack Garratt can account for Zuloh's deep-rooted love for perform electronic musical live, and he also mentioned his admiration for the music coming from Fred Again and Adln.

“The music I'm making is 100% impacted by the music I'm listening to. Recently I've been listening to a lot more softer indie electronic stuff and the new stutter house wave that's been emerging.”
Photo Credit: Sona Earnest / Zuloh

Jordan has recently been playing a lot of shows around Los Angeles, which has been really impactful to his goals and aspirations. He has “put a lot of [his] eggs in the music basket,” and while he still holds interests in working creatively in other parts of the industry, this year has really been about honing in on becoming an artist for Jordan. After playing shows and getting inspired by the people and places around him, he has decided to commit himself to doing everything he can to become a recording artist himself.

“Being able to scream my lyrics and hearing people scream them back is an addictive feeling.”

Zuloh is excited for the future, and his impressive ambition and brilliant artistry is sure to take him all the way to the top. The young artist is looking forward to playing even more shows in the upcoming months to grow his fanbase and prove himself within the electronic genre. Fans of Zuloh can look forward to several projects to come and a new era of music.

Watch the entire interview on Modern Mixtape TV at the link below:


Listen to "Better off alone" out now on all streaming platforms:

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