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Alternative Rock band Third Party Incidents on their debut single “Chair” | Modern Mixtape TV

Alternative Rock band Third Party Incidents just released their debut single “Chair” on July 22nd. This high energy four-piece based in East London has a magnetic quality to them, with a positive message to share with their audience. The band consists of singer and guitarist Tom Scholfield, lead guitarist Ganesh Rajaram, bassist Tom Freeman, and drummer Stefan Hale.

“Chair” is an up-beat punk rock banger that encapsulates the group’s angst and quirky musical personality. Driven by the powerful vocals of Scholfield, fiery guitar riffs, and pounding drum beats, the song is the perfect tune for head banging in the car. The song also features a megaphone overlay which contributes to the single’s sweeping vitality and force. “Chair” is meant to inspire people to take action and go after the things that they are passionate about. The lively song is sure to turn heads for its catchy melodies that have listeners singing along after the first chorus. When speaking about the new single, Thomas Freedman explained, “It's about taking inspiration from anything. It doesn't matter what that inspiration is, but it's about getting off the chair and doing something.”

Their self-proclaimed “party-rock” sound is highlighted in their forthcoming debut EP. Influenced by a plethora of different styles, Third Party Incidents expands beyond their punk rock roots to defy the limitations of modern pop genres. Third Party Incidents promotes personal and musical freedom within their music. The group has an amazing outlook on their artistry and approach to songwriting. During our conversation with the band, we spoke to the four about the creative intentions behind their songs. “It's not about being lethargic anymore. We went through two years of lockdown and people are afraid to get out of their shell. Some people are a bit too caught up in trying to be cool or some kind of social anxiety. At the end of the day, let's just have fun. Let's make music, make it loud, make it fun, make some party-rock, and have a good time with it.”

Chair is the first of five in a sequence of releases that will be revealed throughout the next eight months, making up the tracks in their newest EP. The group of songs represent a collection of different experiences, putting the band’s broad musicality on full display with the turbulent set of tracks. “It's a mixture of pop, punk, indie, and alt. You're probably going to see a drip feed of that through the five songs that we’re releasing in the EP. “Chair” is probably more so on the punk side, but some of the other ones are leaning more towards alt and punk-pop. We don't like to put ourselves into a box as a band.”

The band began as a duo, however they’ve recently recruited a second guitarist and a bass player. These additions have allowed for their sound to evolve from punk into a more wide ranging mix of metal and rock. There is something for everyone in Third Party Incidents' music. They always stay genuine to their purpose of creating an escape for their audience with positive messages and alluring live performances which get everyone involved. Third Party Incidents has a natural charm as a band that is sure to carry them far in the music industry.

Third Party Incidents has made quite the name for themselves in the East London indie music scene within the last few years for their exhilarating shows. They have racked up a strong reputation due to their enthralling, and at times impromptu gigs in the area. The band’s light hearted banter and engaging performances curate a one of a kind experience for anyone who sees Third Party Incidents live.

To celebrate their release of “Chair”, Third Party Incidents performed alongside French duo; The Soap Girls, at Camden’s Fidler’s Elbow on the 23rd of July. Third Party Incidents’ accompanying video was launched on the same day as well.

We were able to sit down in an interview with the band to talk about the release of their new single "Chair" and upcoming EP. Watch the full conversation on our YouTube channel at the link below.


Click the link below to watch the music video for "Chair".

Be sure to follow Third Party Incidents on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the exciting content coming soon from the band!

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