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Anna Shoemaker releases her heavily anticipated debut album "Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)"

On March 4th, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Anna Shoemaker dropped her new album on +1 Records. Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) marks Anna’s debut album release, and the heavily anticipated project has all eyes falling on the young artist. Anna Shoemaker is pulling the attention of indie pop fans and industry professionals everywhere with her innovative songwriting and striking vocal tone.

The 11 track album captures the complexities that coincide with growing up in the modern age. Anna takes her listeners alongside her as she navigates the dynamic highs and lows of adulthood, showing her journey to get to where she is now with full transparency. Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) leaves no truth untold. Elaborating on her intentions behind the album, Anna says,

"Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is made up of bits and pieces of my diary over the past two weird years. It’s about a fascination with self destruction but also redemption. It’s about forgiving yourself when you have every reason to hate yourself. It’s about falling in love when you have every reason not to trust. This album is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning down expectations until the only thing left is you."

The album puts Anna Shoemaker’s superb abilities on full display. She is entering a new era of her artistry, with a more mature and intentional sound than ever seen before. "Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is packed full of catchy pop hooks which are on par with the radio hits of today in addition to quick-witted lyricism that cuts deep. Each and every song features brutally honest words and introspective themes, reflecting on love, loss, toxicity, heartbreak and mental health. The album acknowledges a plethora of emotions with up-beat tracks such as “Sick” which fit perfectly on your hype playlists, and passionate ballads such as “Long Drive Home” which show the artist’s willingness to offer full vulnerability in her songwriting. The LP record includes previously released singles “Sick,” “Its Depression,” “Change My Mind,” “Everything is Fine,” and “Mariah,” alongside brand new tracks as well. In addition to the album release, Anna Shoemaker put out the music video for the first track on the album, called “Until I Die,” on March 4th. Scroll down to watch her new music video!

Anna Shoemaker’s undoubtable talent has allowed her to gain an extensive group of supporters in a short amount of time. Described by NYLON as “Brooklyn’s own Olivia Rodrigo,” Anna Shoemaker has quickly emerged as the next indie-pop darling to watch. Don't be surprised when you hear about indie-pop phenomenon Anna Shoemaker’s sudden rise to stardom. Combining alt-leaning production and intoxicating pop melodies, Anna curates a sound unique to anything else that we are hearing in popular music of today. She creates anthemic choruses that make people feel seen, capturing the turmoil and charm experienced by the anxious generation which she belongs to.

Over the past few years, Anna has become a main player in New York City's indie music scene alongside artists like Middle Part and Richie Quake and producers like Kristos and Invisible Will, all of whom played a part in bringing Anna's album to life.

"I'm really grateful to have this community of artists around me. It's really shaped me as a person," Anna comments. "I think there’s something special about New York where everyone is simultaneously supportive yet minding their own business. Everyone is telling their own story and it’s cool when they get intertwined."

Great things are to be expected for this young artist’s future, and fans of Anna can look forward to exciting announcements, performances, and releases coming their way. Anna will be performing songs from Everything is Fine (I'm Only on Fire) at her upcoming record release shows in New York at Elsewhere Zone One on March 18th and in Los Angeles at Baader House on March 24th.

Click the links below to listen to Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) out now on all streaming platforms, and make sure to watch her newest music video for “Until I Die” as well!

To stay updated with Anna’s life and career, follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to check out her website to learn more about the artist!

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