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Ariel Rose on her new single “En el Paraíso” out now on all streaming platforms

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Ariel Rose is returning with her brand new single “En el Paraíso” out today on all platforms. The Spanglish song is an up-beat and catchy pop hit with a fusion of tropical sounds which display her love for Miami’s bustling Latinx heritage. The positive tune shows off Rose’s innate ability to create earworm melodies, and the clever lyricism that she employs does not go unnoticed. Ariel knows how to connect with her audience, and her one-of-a-kind sound stands out as a refreshing take on current music trends.

Born and raised in Miami, Ariel Rose has always had a love for Latin music. She brings her listeners into another universe with her addictive choruses and hypnotizing melodic phrases, offering an escape from reality with each and every song. Ariel Rose has been involved in the music industry from a young age, and she has built up a pretty impressive resume since her start. Ariel Rose became an award-winning artist at the age of 15 with her single, “My Perfect Day,” which won 1st place in the Pop Category in the Great American Song Contest. Her undoubtable talent allowed her to catch the attention of multi-Latin Grammy nominated producer Juan Vicente Zambrano, who produced her first album Rhythms of Life. Ariel received even more recognition for her work when she was given the opportunity to perform for the Latin Grammy Street Party in New York and open the stage for prominent artists such as Bruce Springsteen.

Since the beginning of her career, Ariel has posted Spanish covers on Instagram and Youtube. She has been reposted by artists such as El Cata, Alejandro Sanz, CNCO, Gente de Zona and others causeing her to gain a following of 20k+ on the social media platform. She also released a salsa version of Adele’s “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)" and her original song, “Somebody Loves You,” garnered over 70k views on YouTube. Through the release of “Somebody Loves You,” Ariel partnered with the United Way to raise money for their Pandemic Response Fund.

Ariel Rose has combined her Latin influences, classical technique, and genre-defying musical taste to create her new single “En el Paraíso.” The energetic song is sure to attract attention for its vibrance and charm, cementing her place as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists in the latin-pop music scene. This single is part of her upcoming EP In Paraíso, dropping in May of this year. “In el Paraíso” serves as an introduction to the developed sound which will be exhibited in the collection of music reaching fans very soon.

We were able to chat with Ariel about her new single “En el Paraíso” and get to know the young artist in an interview about her background and influences as a musician.

Scroll down to read the full conversation and pre-save “En el Paraíso” out on all streaming platforms Friday, March 25th.


This must be a really exciting time for you with all of your upcoming releases! Talk me through what is going through your head at the moment. How are you feeling as the release date for your new single approaches?

“I am so excited about the release of my new single ‘En el Paraíso!’ It’s been quite a journey leading up to this moment and I am really looking forward to finally putting it out in the world!”

What was your favorite memory from the creative process to writing and producing “En el Paraíso?”

“I would say my favorite memory from the process was recording the music video. I have always loved cartoons and it was really fun to be able to see myself in animated form! The music video features me in my bedroom in a very neutral color palette dreaming of being in my own version of paradise, which is juxtaposed by the colorful and bold animation throughout the video. The song is about leaving the past behind and starting a new chapter, doing what is best for you.”

This single is a catchy fusion of latin-pop and current radio hits of today, giving you a one of a kind sound. Who are your biggest musical influences that may have affected the music that you create today?

“I am influenced by many different artists. I listen to the new music that comes out every single week and am constantly evolving as a writer, artist, and person. I have always loved Latin music and being born and raised in Miami, I was constantly exposed to Latin music as well as many different cultures. I have a great respect for the Latin culture, the music and the people, and I love being able to incorporate it in my music. Latin music is fun, beautiful and makes you want to dance!”

Were there any challenges that you faced while writing “En el Paraíso?”

“‘En el Paraíso’ was the first song that I wrote off of my EP that is dropping in May and I think the most difficult part was defining the sound I wanted as well as the direction that I wanted to take my music.”

You got your start in the music industry from a very young age. In what ways have you shifted your sound or faced growth with your artistic intentions since your debut single release?

“I definitely think that I have grown so much from the time of my first release when I was younger. Yet, my first album when I was 15 was in Spanglish and produced by the Latin Grammy nominated producer Juan Vicente Zambrano, so some things, like my love for Latin music, have not changed! I have gained a lot more confidence in who I am and who I want to be, not only as an artist, but as a person. People would always tell me what my sound ‘should’ be or what I 'should' be doing and I definitely struggled with defining who I am. I just realized that it’s important to stay true to yourself and to do what you love. I hope that comes through in my music and that people can relate to it and enjoy it.”

What is the best piece of advice someone in the music industry has ever given you?

“The best piece of advice someone has given me is to know your vision before you start and make sure you can communicate that vision to everyone on your team and everyone that you work with. I found this very valuable because beginning with the end in mind is a great way to make sure you get what you want in the end and that you are happy with the finished product. I know many artists (myself included) who have worked so hard on projects and are afraid to put it out there. Like many other artists, I am a perfectionist, and as wonderful as it can be, that can also hold us back from reaching for our goals. But having a defined vision and plan definitely helps!”

What is the most rewarding part of your job as a recording artist?

The most rewarding part of the job is relating to others, and connecting with others. I think that’s really what life is about and it’s what makes this career path extremely fulfilling. I love entertaining people and making their day even just the slightest bit better.”

Is there a specific audience you are trying to reach or message that you want to get out through your music?

“The message that I’d like my music to convey is that it’s important to celebrate cultures and differences, as well as stay true to yourself. My upcoming EP tells a story, and you can think of each song like chapters in a book, revealing a new part of the journey.”

You have earned recognition from some huge names in the music industry and gotten the opportunity to work with pretty impressive musicians so far in your career. Is there a story or experience that sticks out in your mind that you would like to share?

“I have got to say that I can write a book with the stories I have!! Being an artist and performer has definitely exposed me to many situations that I might not have experienced otherwise. One story that sticks out in particular was being able to sing the song, ‘The Prayer’ by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli with the writer and producer of the song, David Foster. He was performing at The Kravis Center in Palm Beach, Florida and I decided to go with my dad to see him, because David Foster has always been someone I admired for many years. There was a point in the concert where he asked if someone in the audience would sing while he played, and I jumped up! He chose me and I was able to sing “The Prayer” accompanied by him. I had never been more nervous to sing, but I did it and got a huge applause from the audience, and in that moment, I felt like I could do anything.”

How do you think growing up in Miami affected how you developed as an artist?

“Growing up in Miami has greatly affected how I developed as an artist! It exposed me to Latin music in a way that I’m not sure I would have experienced had I been born somewhere else. I am grateful for my hometown because it was where I developed my love for Latin culture and Latin music. I constantly work with Latin musicians and living here, you get the flavor of so many different Latin countries! You can go to street festivals, clubs, bars, and hear bongos, congas, and listen to salsa, merengue, and rumba! It’s a lot of fun being in Miami!”

What are you most excited for fans to hear off the new EP?

“I have a really fun salsa song called ‘Atrapada’ that I wrote with the Latin Grammy winning Producers, Tony Succar & Jorge Luis Piloto. It was such an honor working with salsa greats and I can’t wait for people to hear and dance to this one!!”

What kind of music was playing in your household growing up?

“Growing up, I listened to absolutely everything! My cousins are half Cuban and half Colombian and I heard a lot of Latin music. My dad is a classically trained pianist and he would play a lot of Chopin, Beethoven and other classical pieces. I was also very involved in musical theater at an early age, so I would listen to a lot of Broadway soundtracks and show tunes. My vocal coach, Luis Manuel Diaz, also teaches a lot of very successful Latin artists, and helped me gain confidence in my Spanish singing abilities. He also greatly influenced my love for opera. I enjoyed a variety of genres and it all influenced me greatly.”

What new songs or artists are on your playlists at the moment?

“I LOVE an artist named Call Me Loop. Her music is really fun and upbeat and I really like her lyrics. I also love Isabel Merced, Sabrina Carpenter and Fanny Lu!”

Where do you see yourself and your career 5 years from now?

“I see myself performing and touring. I see myself with much more music out and want to bring my unique sound and stories to people in the US and other countries. I want to bring cheer and happiness through my music to others, as we can all use a little dose of that in today’s world.”

Click on the links below to stream “En el Paraíso” and watch her brand new music video!

Make sure to follow Ariel on Instagram and check out her website and Youtube to stay updated on her upcoming releases!

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William Snihur
William Snihur

Ariel Rose is a rising star!!! Love “En El Paraiso!”



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