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ARTZ takes us on a journey of self discovery with "Alone in the Metaverse" | Modern Mixtape TV

New York based rapper and songwriter ARTZ has just released his newest project, Alone in the Metaverse, available now for streaming on all platforms. This emerging artist is bridging the gap between music and the meta-verse, creating immersive soundscapes with his inventive approach to hip hop songwriting.

Alone in the Metaverse is a perfect blend of rappers' delight and vibes. The eclectic music taste of ARTZ shines through in this project, with a sound that does not obey by genre limitations. Influences by jazz and blues icons, the new album is his most genuine release to date, showcasing his broad creative capabilities.

The 8-song album transports the listener into an enthralling sonic universe, taking his fans on a journey of self discovery and independence. ARTZ is accompanied by special guest appearances from Styles P and Trinidad James on the album, along with an AI voiceover of ‘Meta’ Morgan Freeman narrating the intro. ARTZ is entering a new era of his artistry, making his mark by re-defining what it means to be a hip hop recording artist in the modern age. His newest music is more vulnerable and honest then anything he has previously put out, and his bravery will not go unnoticed by the loyal group of supporters who relate so deeply to the Brooklyn-rooted musician.

Growing up in East New York, ARTZ was surrounded by musical culture, which has helped curate the striking sound which he produces today. This hip hop artist has the utmost pride for his roots back in Brooklyn, however he certainly dealt with his share of hardships while growing up. Surviving a stray gunshot wound to the face, trading a comfortable living situation for a musty basement room, and financing the majority of his music dreams with barely enough to make it were just a few of the trials that ARTZ had to endure before his 21st birthday. Instead of succumbing to his challenges, ARTZ used them as fuel for his art, embracing the struggles and introspection that he was faced with through his music.

This self-proclaimed anti-hero is an inspiration to his listeners. He serves honest opinions and expresses himself through his several talents and creative outlets. Along with being a musician, ARTZ fills many other roles in the music industry as a creative director, company owner, event curator and more. He has been recognized for combining his music with collaborative visual art, and ARTZ’s newest project represents his ability to use every outlet in his creativity in order to promote a holistic brand which represents him and his team of self-proclaimed ‘rejects.’

ARTZ prides himself in making music that strays from what is expected by a Brooklyn-rooted rapper, providing a unique blend of soulfulness and drill that captures the attention of anyone who stumbles upon one of his songs. The independent artist is paving his own way, refining success for himself and inspiring movers and shakers everywhere.

We recently sat down with ARTZ to talk about Alone in the Metaverse and his artistic background.


Watch our full interview with ARTZ for Modern Mixtape TV below:

Click the link below to listen to Alone in the Metaverse now available for streaming on all platforms.

Be sure to follow ARTZ on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to stay updated on his latest content releases!

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