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Billie Eilish Releases New Song "Your Power"

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Billie Eilish just released her first single after announcing the upcoming release of her highly anticipated second album, Happier Than Ever on Tuesday. The new track “Your Power” and music video has her audience even more thrilled for what this new album will bring. This acoustic and somewhat stripped back tune could be a preview of a new sound underway with the upcoming release, and we could not be more excited and intrigued for what it will bring.

“Your Power” is an unexpected turn for Billie after her last album When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? This song is a folk-like ballad with strong storytelling aspects. The message of the song addresses prevalent issues in the entertainment industry, with lyrics talking about an older man being involved with a younger and naive girl. The song serves as commentary to what we see on the news with political figures and influencers abusing the power that they hold. As a young adult who entered this industry in her teenage years, we can assume the relevance of this song in her own life, making the themes presented even more personal and genuine.

Her forthcoming album will have 16 tracks, and will contain her recent singles “Therefore I Am” and “My Future”. In a recent press release, it was confirmed that the record was written by Billie along with her brother and producer Finneas, while also stating that this project has no other songwriting or production collaborations.

In Eilish’s official album announcement on social media, she described the project as “my favorite thing I’ve ever created” and added that she was “excited and nervous and eager” for the upcoming release.

The response so far from audiences and critics has been incredible, and with so much recent success for Eilish, everyone will be looking forward to hearing this new music. Happier Than Ever will be out July 30th, and you can preorder the album right now. Listen to her latest single “Your Power” linked below!

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