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'Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry': An Authentic Documentation of a Teen's Rise to Stardom

Just recently, 5-time Grammy Award winning recording artist Billie Eilish released her Apple TV+ documentary titled “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry” directed by R.J. Cutler, that tells an intimate account of her rise to fame. The feature gives an authentic look into the life of one of the biggest names in music today by highlighting the singers global impact and close-knit family. It takes you through the journey of a teenager navigating the transition into adulthood while also riding the waves of unbelievable success in the music industry.

She shows her experiences with full honesty, taking that transparency and authenticity that we love so much about Billie to a whole new level. This documentary gives us an experience that no other artist has been able to accomplish before. In the two and a half hour film, Billie truly makes the public start to understand and empathize with the highs and lows that coincide with superstardom.

Billie has established a platform where she's always open about her own struggles, discussing things like depression in detail within her music and the conversations she has with her audience. This documentary illustrates how much of a true and authentic place these conversations are coming from in Billie's personal life. When we see this unfiltered version of her, it is clear that Billie Eilish, the 5 time Grammy Award winning recording artist is the exact same person as Billie, the daughter, best friend, and sister. It proves once again how unique Billie is within this industry, as what she projects out to her audience is 100% true to who she is all of the time. The bravery that it would take to release a tell all documentary like this one is massive, and her courage is unlike anyone else's in the spotlight.

A huge part of this film was dedicated to highlighting the important relationships present in Billie’s life that have made all of these accomplishments possible. Billie gives insight into the amazing relationship that she has with her brother Finneas, who she writes all her music with, as well as her parents, who give her strong support in her career and life. Billie also shares some details into her relationships with close friends and significant others. We are able to see a side of Billie’s life that was never before expressed, giving us even more context for her art and helping us understand and appreciate her even more. She opens up about the positive aspects of her deep relationships with family and friends, but she also makes sure to show an unfiltered version of the hard moments within her relationships with her brother, parents, and peers. She does not cut out any of the difficult parts like so many would be tempted to do, but instead, she shows what is real.

In the documentary, Billie speaks a lot about her experience with being so authentic and open in the public eye. She had said, “it had become this ‘oh, she's making a statement’, which I actually love because I didn't realize I was. Now that I think about it, I realize people aren't talking about that stuff, and why people are so shocked when you do talk about it.” Billie has never hid the dark moments and struggles in her life from her fans. By showing these times when she is not okay with full authenticity, she creates this amazing platform where she is able to relate to her fans on a profound level. Billie talks a lot about her relationship with her fans during this documentary. She had described how she sees them, saying, “I don't think of them as fans, ever. They're not my fans, they're part of me.” Billie always recognises that with her being a teenager just like a majority of her fans, she knows the struggles that they go through first hand. In the film, she emphasised how her goal is to make art that will resonate with them and validate what they are feeling.

Along with revealing the truth behind her relationships and personal life, Billie also shows the full process of creating a critically acclaimed album. There are several clips throughout the documentary showing her and her brother writing and producing the music for “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go”. These clips give an interesting view into their creative process, and reveals exactly how much hard work goes into creating an album like this one. Again, she shows this journey with complete transparency, letting people see both the hard and rewarding parts in making music.

Billie gets real about the consequences and positives of success within this documentary as well. They explain how mentallly dynamic a career such as Billie’s can be due to the pressures of major success, making great moments even more rewarding, but low moments even harder to deal with. The busy and high-pressure lifestyles around them can have detrimental effects on things like mental health, and within the documentary, we watch Billie go through low times of overwhelming stress and disappointment in herself, which can unfortunately come with this career. However, we also witness some of the great experiences that fame and success has brought her such as the friendship she has with Justin Beiber. Justin was a large part of this documentary, as Billie loves and is inspired by him a lot. She made sure that she gave an accurate representation of every aspect of her life within this documentary, somehow opening up herself more than she already has in the past.

With the level of transparency present in this documentary, it would make sense to say that it completely transforms how people view Billie Eilish, but it doesn't. Rather, it reinforces everything that we already know about the person she is. Billie Eilish has always shown her audience a courageous level of honesty in every way, and that is why her fans love her so much. This documentary filled in all of the blanks, leaving no question unanswered by opening herself up as a human being and an artist. Billie continues to be authentic no matter the criticism because she knows how much her bravery can affect the lives of others. This documentary did just that.

This is a must watch for everyone, and I can promise that you will finish this documentary feeling inspired, validated, and enlightened. Thank you Billie for creating such a personal and honest documentation of your amazing journey to stardom.

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