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Chelsea Cutler emotes gratitude and authenticity at the Fillmore for her ‘When I Close My Eyes' Tour

Electro-pop powerhouse Chelsea Cutler recently made a stop at the Fillmore in Philadelphia during her ‘When I Close My Eyes Tour’. On a Thursday night in Northeast Philly, Chelsea took to the stage to play a sold out show for over 2,500 fans in the intimate venue. Even before the show had started, I knew that the night was going to be an experience to remember. Whether it be attributed to her close-knit and supportive community of supporters or the warm and respectful environment at The Fillmore, everyone in that theatre seemed to come together for this shared appreciation of music. Chelsea Cutler carefully curates an atmosphere which promotes authenticity and vulnerability, allowing for each of her fans to walk into that venue as the most unapologetic version of themselves.

Photo by Alex Ramirez

Before Chelsea’s headline set, alternative R&B artist Arden Jones took the stage for an electric performance that hyped up the audience for a night packed full of good music. Between Arden’s tantalizing belt and danceable setlist, the audience was left jumping along to the positive, upbeat tunes. The 21 year old singer-songwriter from California first took off in his career when he went viral on TikTok with his debut single “Parallel Parking”, becoming known for his intoxicating hooks and layered sound in a lyric-based rap-pop crossover. The performance consisted of both viral hits from the past and a handful of brand-new unreleased songs from the singer. Arden’s set closed out with “Mr. Sunshine”, leaving the audience energized with the high-energy fan favorite.

The second performer to take the stage was EDM producer and DJ Alex O’Neill, better known under the name Ayokay. It was impossible to keep your eyes off of the captivating performer as he charmed the crowd with his intoxicating stage presence. His electro pop-charged set left the audience with no choice but to jump along with the dance music. Born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, this producer, DJ, performer, and songwriter started out in his career back in 2016 with his debut release of “Kings of Summer.” Since then, he's worked with an impressive list of songwriters and producers, including Chelsea Cutler on their hit song “The Shine.” On Thursday, Alex played songs from his most recent album, Digital Dreamscape, in addition to old and unreleased songs which left the audience amped up with excitement.

After a short intermission, the audience was finally ready for the night’s main event. Anticipation built in the crowd, as I observed the friendly fans make connections to each other over their excited chatter. The audience was then hit with a wave of adrenaline when headliner Chelsea Cutler took the stage. The stage was lit with extravagant visuals presenting a calming floral aesthetic, matching the singer’s positivity throughout the show. Kicking off the show with the utmost energy, Chelsea opened with an electrifying performance of “Under”, a self proclaimed favorite for the artist.

Photo by Alex Ramirez

During the concert, Chelsea sang several other songs from her newest album When I Close My Eyes in addition to both old and new releases. Up next she played the song “Sad Tonight” off of her 2020 album How to Be Human, dazzling the audience with another upbeat tune that had the whole venue screaming along to the anthemic lyrics. You could feel the excitement rise in the crowd when Chelsea introduced an unreleased tune to the audience titled “Men on the Moon.” A hush fell over the crowd as we carefully listened to the intimate lyrics which enhanced the ballad's vulnerable and passionate themes.

Throughout the show, Chelsea made consistent efforts to connect with her fans and form a welcoming atmosphere in the venue. There were several pauses in Chelsea’s set where she conversed with the crowd. Encouraging connection between fans, she requested the audience turn to their neighbors and make a friend. Chelsea’s fans are always a major part of the show at her concerts, and whether it be by stopping the show for a fan in need or expressing her appreciation for their presence, the singer is always purposeful in ensuring that each of her supporters feels seen and included. Reinforcing the meaningful messages present in her songs, Chelsea reminded her fans of their worth with affirmations “You Matter,” “You are Loved,” and “You Belong Here.” These intimate moments illustrate Chelsea's prioritization towards authenticity and community.

As the concert neared its end, Chelsea sang her hit song “You Were Good To Me” to an eager audience. As you looked over the hundreds of fans packed into the Fillmore, your eyes were met with emotional fans singing along to every vulnerable lyric and hugging their neighbors in a shared musical experience that had everyone in the vicinity uplifted into sonic bliss. The set ended on a high note as Chelsea paraded around stage and fueled the audience’s buzzing excitement with an inspiring performance of the title track on her newest album When I Close My Eyes.

Photo by Alex Ramirez

Chelsea’s set blended together old and new music in a beautiful way which left every fan content with both nostalgia and exhilaration. The ‘When I Close My Eyes’ tour was an emotional journey that brought forth feelings of nostalgia, exhilaration, and gratitude. Chelsea Cutler never fails to go above and beyond to curate a special experience for all people in attendance using her authenticity and impactful music. Chelsea has maintained her genuineness throughout her career even with the immense success, and if you ever get the chance to see the singer live, you can count on an experience of a lifetime.


See the remaining tour dates for Chelsea's 'When I Close My Eyes' Tour below and visit the link HERE to purchase tickets!

Tour dates:

OCT 27, 2022 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI

OCT 28, 2022 Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL OCT 29, 2022 House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland, OH

OCT 30, 2022 The Rave Milwaukee, WI

NOV 1, 2022 The Admiral Omaha, NE

NOV 4, 2022 Elm Bozeman, MT

NOV 5, 2022 Knitting Factory Spokane, WA

NOV 6, 2022 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, Canada

NOV 8, 2022 Fox Theater Oakland, CA

NOV 9, 2022 The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA

NOV 11, 2022 Soma San Diego, CA

NOV 15, 2022 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK

NOV 16, 2022 Granada Theater Lawrence, KS

NOV 17, 2022 The Blue Note Columbia, MO

NOV 18, 2022 Gudfest by Gudlive Jakarta, Indonesia

NOV 19, 2022 Gudfest by Gudlive Jakarta, Indonesia

NOV 20, 2022 Gudfest by Gudlive Jakarta, Indonesia

Listen to Chelsea's newest album When I Close My Eyes at the link below!

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