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Elle Baez drops her heavily anticipated single "Mister Possessive"

Elle Baez is striding into the spotlight with the release of her heavily anticipated single “Mister Possessive”. Unapologetically herself, Elle delivers support and positivity with a single that promotes female empowerment. “Mister Possessive” is an unfiltered account of her own experiences and the feelings of every woman in modern society. She has never been one to stay silent, and Elle's brilliant songwriting works to ensure that her audience hears her message loud and clear.

“Mister Possessive” is an anthmatic single which can be applicable to the lives of every woman who listens. If you need a breakup anthem or a song to hype you up before a night out, look no further than the music of Elle Baez. The singer-songwriter brings an outstanding level of authenticity to the song, setting a powerful example for her audience of young women. Her striking pop-soul vocals paint a raw and vulnerable picture of her life. “Mister Posessive” is a perfect fit for every feminist playlist, and Elle’s empowering music should be heard by every young women growing up in a socitey of feminine stereotypes. This single follows Elle on her journey of no longer allowing a man to “watch every step she takes and every move she makes” with melodies driven by vintage soundscapes, Santana-esque guitars and futuristic synths.

“This track is for anyone who felt they couldn’t take back their power from someone who depleted it all. You can and you will. You are stronger than you think.”

Elle began making music to break the stereotype she found herself constantly placed in by the industry. She fuses together pop-fueled lyricism with R&B baselines to curate an intriguing sound that captures the attention of anyone who stumbles across her music. Baez is a tour-de force on the rise, paving her own way through the industry with authentic and empowering music. Her message of independence and confidence is unbelievably inspiring, and she spreads her motto of self-love everywhere she goes. Elle has built up a substantial audience on social media platforms such as TikTok. She uses her influence to inspire the women around her, giving her listeners a safe space to be themselves without judgment.

This talented artist is already quite accomplished in her career, having released her debut EP “Bold Soul” back in 2021. The collection of songs is all about being bold and following your soul, perfectly encapsulating her journey thus far; from heartbreak, self-love, confidence, and finding her own voice. Elle is turning heads in the industry for her brilliant artistry, recently earning praise from tastemakers like Euphoria, LADYGUNN, Flaunt Magazine, The New Nine and sponsorships from the major brand “Adore Me”.

Scroll down to listen to “Mister Possessive” out now on all streaming platforms!


Be sure to follow Elle Baez on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to stay updated on her latest content releases, and check out her website to lean more about the artist!

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