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Emerging singer-songwriter Ben Krieger releases the music video for “To Dust.” Watch now!

Just yesterday, young pop artist Ben Krieger dropped the music video for his most recent single “To Dust.” Ben shows off his acting chops in the video, telling an emotional story through the artistic visuals which beautifully compliment the acoustic ballad. The music video stars Ben and also features the dancing talents of Sadie Megginson.

“To Dust” is a hard hitting love song which narrates a deeply personal experience of the 18 year old with full vulnerability. Ben Krieger’s honesty has allowed him to create relatable music for his fanbase of teens and young adults, and his newest single offers a level of sensitivity that everyone can understand. Watch the music video for “To Dust” at the link below!

Ben Krieger is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter and actor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - a graduate of The Dreyfoos School of the Arts. In 2022, he starred in the Nickelodeon TV show "California Dreamin" along with Grammy Award winner Ryan Tedder and an amazing group of talented artists. Ben spent his preteen years working in professional musical theater in productions such as Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof as well as the Broadway tours of Pippin the Musical, Sound of Music and Finding Neverland. Next year, he will be pursuing a BFA in recorded music at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU.

Make sure to follow Ben on Instagram in order to stay updated on his upcoming projects, and check out his website and Youtube to see all of his releases!

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