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Evan Mike drops new single "visions"

Evan Mike has just released his newest single “visions”. With a sweeping sonic landscape and an immersive emotional experience, the song is undoubtedly impactful. Evan has truly embraced the introspective and dynamic creative that he is, making the music that he feels compelled to create with the utmost freedom. Evan said, “This time around, I was purely making music based on how I felt. Even though it should have always been like that, I think that this time I was truly able to detach myself from comparisons and stop trying to fit myself into a certain place or label everything. I think I wasn't as concerned about being the highest quality or being the best at everything I do. I was trying to be the best version of me.” 

This Long Island native has a deep connection with his family and community back home. Now based out of Philadelphia, Evan is making music that crosses genres, blending his eclectic array of musical influence with a striking individuality. “visions” represents his boldest artistic initiative to date, offering his listeners a look into his most vulnerable moments. 

Evan radiates a confidence in his artistry that never fails to translate into his bold musicality. Over the past few years, he has learned a lot about himself and how he works best as an artist. As a person that struggles a lot with comparison, he has found his most authentic creatively in solitude. “I have to understand that what I bring to the table is my story. I'm not going to have the same story as someone else and someone else is not going to have the same story as me. I'm able to hone in on my story and my creativity in my own way, and that's where I really shine through,” said Evan. Music is an industry of competition and collaboration, but Evan has found value in having his own space, where he can shut out the opinions of others and put the utmost vulnerability into his songs. 

Songwriting is an extremely personal thing to Evan, and being an introspective individual, songwriting is a huge outlet for him to navigate his emotions. The last year has been an extremely pivotal time for Evan as a musician and in his life experiences. This song came about at a time where the relationship he had been in was coming to an end. He said, “It was someone that I had a lot of ideas about a future with and I wrote a song about it because I couldn't just go knocking on her door to say these things.”

“visions” sticks out on Evan’s discography for its raw sound which emotes the heavy emotions that he was going through at the time. Evan let go of a lot of the perfectionism that he had obsessed with in the past, allowing him to broaden his creativity. His complex storytelling is accompanied by stunning production which portrays a sense of reckless desperation through its melodramatic sonic landscape. 

Evan took a very unique approach to the recording process for "visions." He let himself be alone with his emotions in his bedroom, taking in the environment around him and implementing it into the song. It felt as if he was finally regarding his emotions without judgment and letting himself be alone with his thoughts. “Vocally and recording wise, I made it a thing where my fan was gonna be on, my window was going to be open, my door might even be open, and I’m just kind of doing it in a very natural way with a lot of emotion. I think that its shown, and I think that people can hear it. In the background, I even did a recording of my window being open to create some fuzz,” said Evan. 

Earlier this year, Evan released his single “Dirt On My Name,” which was the first release to follow his EP from last November. His newest single “visions” serves as a tantalizing taste of what's to come for this young artist, reflecting Evan's commitment to pushing his creative boundaries to deliver an immersive musical experience. With the dynamic emotions that he has experienced over the last year, Evan has created a trove of new music, and the anticipation is high for what is coming next for Evan Mike. 


"visions" is out now on all streaming platforms. Listen to the song at the link below!

Be sure to follow Evan on Instagram and check out his website to stay updated on upcoming releases!

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