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Evan Mike's new single "Dirt On My Name" follows his emotional narrative through an unfiltered voice

Philly Based singer-songwriter Evan Mike recently released his most recent single “Dirt On My Name” out now on all streaming platforms. This release demonstrates a lot of experimentation for the young artist, standing out in his discography for its instrumental focus. This release proves that the young pop R&B artist is growing into his sound and following through with the artistic intentions that he has promised his fans and himself that he would fulfill.

The entirety of this track is sung, and the song is driven by its melodic storytelling. I would describe the track as an inward narrative that reflects upon a relationship and its frustrations. The lyrics present the young adult’s inner monologue through an unfiltered voice, with a series of confessions within his stream of words. More slowed down than many of his other releases, “Dirt On My Name” has a more profound intention than ever before heard by the singer. The events and situations of which he reflects upon are extremely personal, adding to the song’s intimate feel. He has always been able to make strong connections with his audience due to the indisputable authenticity that he exudes with every project.

The production on this track follows his emotional narrative as well. The soft synths offer a gentle yet propelling force to the song, representing the singer’s stream of consciousness. There are dynamic shifts throughout the track as well that help add some more context to the story being portrayed. There is a sense of wandering that projects from the song. The airy vocals and wide sonic landscape depict strong feelings of isolation, complimenting the lyrical themes.

Born in Long Island, Evan Mike recently made the move to Philadelphia to pursue a degree in Music Industry at Drexel University. With new experiences and a fresh environment, Evan Mike’s music is growing and changing along with him. Evan is in charge of every step of the process for the projects he releases, contributing to the original and distinctive sound in each of his releases.

Just last November, Evan released his newest EP Ocean Parkway, which followed the release of his debut EP i'm just chillin which came out last February. Since his original debut back in 2020, Evan Mike has accumulated an impressive following, performing on tour with friends and playing shows around the New York and Philly music scenes.

“Dirt On My Name” puts an alternative flare on the usual sounds that come from modern pop and R&B genres, and Evan Mike does an excellent job blending his eclectic array of musical influences to produce his individual sound. Evan has a distinguished confidence and youthful charm that is sure to bring him to pop stardom.


Click on the link below to listen to "Dirt On My Name" out now on all platforms.

Make sure to follow Evan Mike on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on his upcoming releases, and check out his Youtube to see all of his previous projects.

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