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Henry Sullivan releases two new singles "In Time" and "Home"

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Henry Sullivan just released his newest singles “In Time” and “Home” on Friday, November 11th. The young artist is entering a brand new era of his artistry with music more personal and polished than ever before. His recent work captures the contemporary experience of young adults with astounding accuracy through his introspective takes on romance, self improvement, and maturity.

“These songs are both my most personal and my most unique releases so far. I’m really proud of them and can't wait for their release!” Says Henry Sullivan on his new singles.

“In Time” puts the singer’s eccentric production style on full display. The song begins with a sentimental melody complimented by romantic lyricism. As the tune progresses, the listener is sent into an encompassing sonic universe when the melody swells to its climax. The single offers a mid-song switch up that will both shock the listener and satisfy the anticipation which builds throughout the song.

The B-side, titled “Home,” is an emotionally vulnerable acoustic track with glistening harmonies and poignant lyrics that will pull on your heartstrings. Both melancholic and romantic, the single transports the listener into the emotional circumstances which frame the song, accurately depicting his passionate state. The idyllic sound of “Home” compliments the intensity offered throughout “In Time, ” illustrating Henry’s broad artistic range.

Born in Chicago, Henry Sullivan has spent the last few years developing his individual sound as a recording artist. Inspired by iconic alternative indie bands such as Radiohead and Cocteau Twins, Henry accredits his ecclectic style to his broad range of influences. Since his move to Philadelphia in September, the musician has been playing shows in the area and breaking into the local music scene wherever he can.

An alluring mix of indie folk and dream pop, Henry Sullivan’s music transcends beyond the boundaries of the genres which define him, curating a distinct sound that stands out for its striking individuality. Back in June of this year, Henry released his debut EP Better Days, which accumulated over 1000 streams in the first week and has continued to find success across the city of Chicago ever since. Following his most recent single “Won't You Stay” back in August, this double release is representative of the sonic diversity that the singer has developed since his debut.

Henry Sullivan is a rising star whose name you wont want to forget. His irrefutable potential is clear in his contagious melodies and skillful approach to his artistry. Henry Sullivan incorporates deeply pertinent themes into his music, contributing to the high level of relatability that his audience of like-minded teenagers feel towards his projects. With a motivated mindset and innovative perspective, Henry Sullivan is paving his own way in the music industry with striving individuality and confidence.


Listen to "In Time" and "Home" HERE.

Make sure to check out Henry's website and follow him on Instagram, Tiktok, and Spotify to stay updated on upcoming projects!

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