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Lily Saperstein's new single "Stacy" is a heartbreaking account of falling in love with a friend

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Lily Saperstein’s newest single “Stacy” is a vulnerable and heartbreaking account of falling in love with a friend. This emotional ballad is tragically relatable, with lyrics that remind the listener of the passionate infatuation that one experiences when having a crush. The track’s immersive production creates a warm and rose-colored sonic landscape with layered sound elements which set the romantic scene.

Lily is an up and coming singer songwriter based out of Philadelphia, PA. Born and raised in Boston, Lily has been involved in music since as long as she can remember. Inspired by singer-songwriters of the 1970s such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Amy Winehouse, Lily has a classic sound to her vocal and production style. Lily has found inspiration from their empowering femininity, and through following the lives and careers of these musicians, she has discovered a passion for connecting with young women through her music.

“Joni Mitchell's lyrics and melodies are insane. She is such an idol to me and I literally love everything she does. I listen to her albums constantly, and that has definitely inspired the music that I make.”

Lily also released a music video for “Stacy” to accompany the single. The video enhances the aspects presented by the song, with visual aesthetics that conjure feelings of isolation and romance.

“It was really important for me to have specific colors for each character. I'm wearing black and red, and then Stacy is wearing white and pink. Those colors are contrasting, but they are also complementary.”

Lily stands out in her artistry due to her ability to write from close personal experiences and specific moments in her life. This bold transparency allows other people to relate to the song at a profound level.

“It's really cool to be able to make people feel emotions through them listening to my music. I feel like an important part of writing songs for me is good and genuine music.”

In May of last year, Lily released her debut EP Spiral, a collection of songs that she wrote throughout high school. Over the past year, Lily has been growing as a songwriter and musician. After making her move to Philadelphia, she has been able to collaborate with a lot of people, including producer Aden Dubin and mastering engineer Max Lebrun, who worked with Lily on "Stacy."

“I've learned a lot about lyric writing over the past year. With Stacy, I think the songwriting flows a lot better, and I've gotten a lot better at melody writing in general. I've definitely grown a lot and gotten some new experiences that I've gotten to write about. I feel like the music that I write now is a lot deeper than what I wrote in high school.”

While talking to Lily, I was able to understand the clear vision that she has for her art. The young songwriter exudes confidence and passion in her music, and her motivated spirit and distinct voice is sure to make her stand out.

Watch the full interview with Lily on Modern Mixtape TV at the link below.


Listen to "Stacy" out now on all streaming platforms:

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