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Meghan Chen puts on energetic live performance in support of her new song “Damn Good Life”

Rising Singer & Songwriter Meghan Chen recently released her debut single “Damn Good Life” and on Friday night, took to the stage in support of the song. Throughout the 30 minute set, Meghan proved what a capable performer she was both with a band and by herself.

Photos by Jacob Pincus

In support of her newest release and debut single, “Damn Good Life”, Meghan Chen took to the stage Friday night at Tommy’s Place in an electrifying performance of both unreleased originals and covers, all of which were well received by the crowd.

She opened her set with “FOMO”, a collaboration with fellow singer & songwriter Sofia Silvestri. They were joined onstage by Meghan’s band which provided excellent support for the two of them. With Sofia on the piano and Meghan on vocals, the two crafted a performance that couldn't have exuded the energy from the song any better. She then segwayed into an unreleased new original called “Vanilla”. The song brought a much slower yet groovy vibe to her set which set up the following song, a cover of “505” by the Arctic Monkeys very well.

Throughout the set, Meghan made it clear that she not only has a lot in store musically, but also has the talent and presence on stage to back up her music. Through her crowd interactions and stage presence, Meghan was able to capture and hold the attention of the entire room for the duration of her set. This couldn’t have been demonstrated any better than in her solo piece of “Ordinary Girl” where she elegantly played the keys and made it seem as if she was singing to each person individually. The song itself was a beautiful piece that highlighted Meghan’s musicianship and her wide vocal range. It was then followed by another beautiful track called “Everything I know”.

Following the more “acoustic” part of the set as Meghan described it, her band joined her on stage once more to bring the energy back with a cover of The Neighborhood’s “Sweater Weather”, that couldn’t have been performed any better by Jesse Rutherford himself. At the conclusion of that song, Meghan thanked the crowd for attending and made it clear that she wanted everyone’s energy for this last song, and what better to close out the show than the first live performance of her new song, “Damn Good Life”.


Click the link to listen to "Good Damn Life" out now on all streaming platforms!

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