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Philly-based group ABBATIA on their newest EP "Red Room" and their love for Family Guy

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Philly based group ABBATIA is tapping into an untouched genre in modern music with a sound that blurs the lines between hardcore, trap, and psychedelic rock. Their newest EP “Red Room” came out just last November, and the group has been gaining attention ever since with their progressive musicality and enticing image.

To see ABBATIA perform live is to be plunged into a vibrant and staggering auditory landscape. Their creativity is multidimensional, fluently blending their production, optic, and lyrical vision to curate a brilliant sonic universe. The band’s fiery live energy and fierce vocals could fill a stadium and their expansive sound demands attention. An ABBATIA show guarantees an immersive experience for everyone in the audience with their audiovisual spectacle.

The trio is unafraid to tread against the tide, putting out a sound that exudes bold originality. Their daring individuality and refreshing imagination will not go unnoticed, and their loyal fanbase is growing along with their confidence. Listening to ABBATIA’s music may leave you confused, but it will certainly leave you intrigued and begging for more. The sky's the limit for Abbatia, and the world can look forward to seeing a lot more of this inventive group in the near future.

The most recent music from ABBATIA was released on November 11th of 2022. “Red Room” is a progressive and angry collection of music which presents strong elements of storytelling throughout the dynamic project. The EP opens with the wildly epic song “Dreadnaught,” which presents sonic mayhem in its production patterns. This first song leads off the EP with an intense slap in the face for the unknowing listener, introducing their niche genre without the slightest of subtleties. The next track on the EP is titled “System Failure” and features Dev Lemons. The industrial beats and the alluring vocals make this piece extremely enticing to the listener, and the catchy chorus is interrupted by heavy waves of base, whipping back and forth between concealed and violent throughout the song.

Next up is the frantic beat of “World Wide Web,” which gets followed by arguably the most angry sounding song on the album “Kill Your Masters,” which features Akin Inaj on part of the vocals. “Crash!” is a high energy song that sounds out of this world with its unique synths and harsh tone. Out of nowhere, the chaotic layers of “Crash!” come to an abrupt halt as the final song on the EP begins. The EP immediately transitions into a far more loosened and slowed down beat with the title track “Red Room”. This carefully curated project shows off this group’s dexterity, taking each and every listener on a hard-core, psychedelic sonic expedition.

The group's aggressive modern rap sound has caught the eye of many since their debut, including Andy Morrin of the band Death Grips, who recently started his own record label called A2B2. In 2022, Andy Morrin signed ABBATIA to the A2B2 label, which has helped introduce the band to much of their committed audience.

We recently sat down with the band to have a conversation about “Red Room,” their childhood music inspirations, and the future of ABBATIA. Scroll down to watch the full interview with Abbatia on Modern Mixtape TV’s YouTube channel.


Listen to "Red Room" out now on all platforms:

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