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Ravive drops her debut EP “Trauma Response”

Ravive’s debut EP is a sleek, autobiographical collection of dark, alt-fused pop confessionals. "Trauma Response'' is packed full of intense themes and restive melodies that make you feel both uneasy and understood due to its brutal honesty and unfiltered lyricism. “Trauma Response'' holds a staggering, sinister energy - and the result is a ghostly, alt demonstration that delivers steam.

Photo by Ravive

There is a mysterious tone carried through the EP, which is allusive to the talents of alternative pop icons like Billie Eilish. The songs within the collection dig deep into taboo subjects which resonate with her audience of young adults. Unafraid to speak out about her own experiences, Ravive has consistently challenged listeners to think about difficult subjects without paying attention to the useless limitations and boundaries put in place by modern society. She gets specific about the situations in her life that have brought her to where she is today. “Trauma Response” was conceived from a handful of traumatic events that led to Ravive’s creation of these songs as a form of therapy. She gives an honest perspective on the struggles and unfortunate obstacles placed onto her, offering edgy production and rich lyrics to tell her story with the utmost detail.

Ravive is an anxious soul. Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy, Ravive toys with her inner darkness to create a hypnotic, alt pop smoothie. She has curated a relationship with her audience that is unmatched. Her music provides an escape for her fans, giving them insight into the struggles she faces on a daily basis and offering listeners a way to understand their own thoughts. Anyone who stumbles across Ravive’s music will be able to relate to her restless attitude which is accurately represented through angsty melodies. The collection of stories which make up “Trauma Response” is its own all-inclusive form of therapy.

After spending years touring nationally as the lead vocalist of an alt rock band, she is embracing evolution, eeriness, and reflection. Her newest music offers a pop-grunge tone which pulls your ear, enticing each and every listener to pay attention with her clever choruses and introspective lyrics. This release represents Ravive’s shift into a new era of her career and musical creativity. With the recent growth of her audience and undoubtable development as an artist, Ravive has gained major respect in the music industry. She is on her way to securing her palace as one of the most promising up and coming alternative pop artists of this moment.

Click the link below to listen to "Trauma Response" out now on all streaming platforms!

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