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Rising songwriter Sofia Silvestri releases groovy new single “Put Me First”

One of two new releases for this up-and-coming songwriter, titled "Put Me First" is a brilliant showcase of the skill and versatility that Sofia Silvestri has. The song very quickly proves that Sofia is a force to be reckoned with both lyrically and melodically. A co-write with Sadie Duca, the song speaks to women empowerment and finding someone to “Put Me First,” as Sofia described it.

We got the chance to sit down with Sofia and discuss the song along with a lot more. Scroll down to read the full interview and listen to "Put Me First" out now on all streaming platforms.


Now that the song is out, how are you feeling?

“I'm definitely happy that it's finally out. The entire process leading up to releasing it was very stressful and sped up because we were on the clock of social media and virality. That was my first experience, kind of like being pushed to release something, not because I necessarily wanted to release it, but because the world wanted it to be released, so it was a different kind of pressure for sure.”

What was the process like when it came to creating this song?

"I was writing a song with my friend Sadie, who's a production major, and she has a really big following on Tik Tok. I was like, 'hey, I'm going to record this because I thought it would be cool to post it, and just show people the behind the scenes of what it's like to write a song, because no one's really shown that behind the scenes collaborative process.' I also thought it would be cool to look back on my own collaboration sessions and see how long it takes us to get to an idea. How did my thoughts kind of process? How can I learn from myself and how can I learn from the other person? So I edited that video down, posted it, and that's the initial video which went viral. I think people initially got hooked because they saw the song from its birth and were able to connect with it because of that. “

Is there more that we can expect in the new year?

"I don't really know. I definitely want to keep doing collaboration sessions and posting those on Tik Tok, because that's what's been doing well. And it's not just been doing well for the platform, but it's actually helped me grow as a songwriter."

You mentioned how posting on platforms like TikTok has helped you grow both as an artist and songwriter. Can you walk me through your strategy for those kinds of platforms that enables you to get the most out of them?

"When I originally got the platform, I knew that I wanted to create videos that were one, educational and two, inspirational. So if they didn't check those two boxes, I wouldn't post a

video. That's why I think my content is very unique, because I'm looking to inspire and I'm looking to educate. I’m not looking to point the finger at me and be like, look at how cool I am! It’s not that I don't think I'm talented, I just don't think that it's worth my time to film videos about my talent when I can be writing songs that people can relate to. It's great, seeing all these comments pouring in that say 'this is why I love music,' or 'you've inspired me to write my own songs.' So, I don't really have a strategy. To me it's just more about inspiring and educating others."

How have you seen your music evolve from when you started to where you are now? And where do you see it going in the future?

"I think that my style has definitely gotten a lot more rhythmically inclined. I would say, I can see my inner ear immediately, always going to like really a kind of just groovy vibe, whereas before there was a lot more ballad type stuff and emotion. Now, I feel like I'm able to direct this emotion into a song that is pleasing to listen to and catchy. I want the listener to be able to relate and be inspired by the music. So I think that's kind of how I'm growing in my own personal style, and also recently I've been able to write a lot of songs that I feel like I was scared to write before, because when I was younger I would always write about topics that I'd seen other people experience in the movies, for example, like heartbreak and losing a loved one, and all of those things that I would able be able to convey in my lyrics. But more recently I've taken the time to be like, 'what am I dealing with?' and 'how can I put that into a song?' And how can I make it universal, so that other people can relate to it. And through that I feel like I've been able to unlock a new genre within me, where I can sing the song and fully relate to it."

If you had to describe your writing to someone who’s never heard it in

one word, what would you say?

"My writing overall is just like a chameleon. That's what I would say. I can fit in anywhere, and bring my own little style into any genre. But I've never confined my writing style into the bounds of an actual genre, and I think that is what has really allowed me to flourish in these different collaboration sessions."

Be sure to stream “Put me First” at the link below!

Be sure to check out Sophia's website and follow Sophia on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on all of her upcoming projects and announcements. Check out her newest release FOMO (Featuring Meghan Chen) as well!

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