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Sir Isaac Sinclair on his creative process and upcoming releases | Modern Mixtape TV

Sir Isaac Sinclair is making a name for himself in the music industry. With an entrepreneurial attitude and an endearing personality, this charming singer-songwriter is playing his way into the hearts and minds of tastemakers and fans everywhere. Sinclair stands out from the crowd with an eccentric approach that breaks boundaries within the hip-hop music scene. Sir Isaac applies his eclectic musical background to curate a sound that captivates a broad audience, combining current hip hop trends with his soulful vocals to build a distinctive style that is fully his own.

Sir Isaac Sinclair is a hip-hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His smooth vocals and catchy beats leave you wanting more, and his immersive musicality ravishes his readers into a marvelous sonic escape. The singer recently came out with the R&B single “Hilltop” which fuses together bold melodies and vulnerable lyrics to represent his modernist style. Sir Isaac is unapologetically himself, and his unguarded lyricism and genius melody lines puts his artistic abilities on full display.

Sir Isaac grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and recently made the move to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a recording artist and industry professional. Alongside making and releasing music, Sir Isaac Sinclair has led a successful career in concert promotion as well. He is knowledgeable in several aspects of the music industry, making him that much more capable and marketable in the competitive music business.

Sir Isaac Sinclair is coming out with music more authentic than ever heard before. His newest releases offer an elevated level of vulnerability, allowing him to create songs that resonate with his audience of young adults in profound ways. He has established a beautiful relationship with his listeners, and his introspective lyricism makes fans feel understood due to the relevance that his words hold in our current society.

In the next few months, fan’s of Sir Isaac can expect several exciting announcements and content releases. When we talked to Isaac about his upcoming goals, he disclosed that a “Hilltop” music video was on track for a summer release. He also revealed his plans to drop a brand new EP within the next few months. This collection of music will explore an uncharted side of his artistry, and his audience can look forward to hearing his freshest songs to date. In addition to the new music, Sir Isaac is throwing a handful of events in the upcoming months. He is currently promoting a show in LA set to take place June 18th and he will be throwing his own headlining performance this July to showcase the music on his forthcoming EP.

This up and coming hip hop artist and industry professional is certainly someone to keep on your radar, as his extensive resume of accomplishments in the music business is just the beginning for Sir Isaac Sinclair.

We were able to sit down in an interview with Sir Isaac Sinclair for Modern Mixtape TV to talk about his background in the music industry and his intentions as an artist. Scroll down to watch the full interview on our YouTube and listen to "Hilltop" out now on all streaming platforms.


Stay up to date on Sir Isaac Sinclair's newest content releases by checking out his website and following him on Instagram!

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