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summerneverlasts releases his debut album "A Requiem of Self (07.11.22-07.13.22)"

One month after the debut of his new project, Summer Roman, also known as summerneverlasts, has released his first full-length record, titled A Requiem of Self (07.11.22-07.13.22). As he writes on his Instagram page: “This album isn't like anything else I ever plan to put out, and if you like it, don't expect me to ever make anything like it again”. That holds true with its divergence from the sound he curated in his first single. However, the album itself is a melancholic masterpiece. The airy vocals and well-crafted production come together to create the perfect product that demonstrates Summer’s versatility as a musician, producer, and writer.

Picking A Requiem of Self (07.11.22-07.13.22) as his first album on the new project was a bold move for Summer. Yet in doing so, he proved that he can catch and hold your interest even if the record doesn’t sound exactly as you would expect it to. I found myself listening over and over again, finding small nuances that would have me repeating each song multiple times. For instance, track 6 “Speak for Me” feels almost as if it is a horror movie score at first, and then abruptly changes into a beautiful track that seems to float the listener through an ethereal dream. The combination of synths and piano seems to transport the listener to a peaceful yet dark place, almost as if it was a cool cloudy day. The reverb-heavy vocal seems distorted at times, yet remains clear enough to still engage and ground you in the universe he has created through the sounds.

The production really shines through on track 7 “Woodlawn (Luv U)” where his versatility as a producer is obvious. The instrumentation combined with the vocals on this song fuse together to create a unique, melancholic feeling that is hard to capture through words alone. The differences in instruments throughout the song highlight Summer’s ability to use what would typically be considered an atypical group of instruments, and still make them sound amazing together throughout the course of one song.

Ultimately, although the album diverges from the sound that has been curated with this new project, it proves to be a true work of art demonstrating the versatility, creativity, and incredible artistry that is summernverlasts. With much more on the horizon, the future looks bright for Summer as he continues to grow his vision and project, and we are excited to see where it will take him.


Listen to A Requiem of Self (07.11.22-07.13.22) out now on all streaming platforms:

Make sure to follow Summer on Instagram to stay updated on his upcoming projects!

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