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Nico Nico's upcoming EP is his most intentional and personal work yet | Modern Mixtape TV

Nico Carrera is a singer-songwriter based outside of Chicago. The young musician has recently dropped his new single “Evergreen'' out now for streaming on all platforms. Nico is also approaching the release of his debut EP.”

In addition to being a solo artist, he also joined the band Vacants back in November. Just last month, the artist did a show at Kiss The Sky in Batavia, IL alongside his buddies in Vacants. Nico puts on an electric performance. With his charming personality and eccentric stage presence, the performer gets his entire audience involved.

Nico Carrera’s musical taste cannot be defined. With an ever changing sound that is maturing along with the young adult, the songs that he writes reflect the eclectic collection of music that he grew up listening to. Inspired by classic rock and early 2000’s R&B, he looks up to artists such as Erykah Badu, Kanye, and Led Zeppelin for their bold and fearless approach to songwriting. His newest releases dip more into a more unique and sonically rich alternative vibe in an effort to develop an original sound that genuinely represents his intentions for the art he creates.

Nico Carrera embraces the DIY approach for his music that so many of today’s big artists have modeled. Every song that Nico creates comes from his bedroom. He has always been extremely musically inclined, having learned how to play several instruments growing up. Nico writes and produces all of his own music, displaying the high level of independence that he has with his artistry and creative approach.

The upcoming EP is the perfect music for listening in the car with the windows down. His newest music features a well rounded mix of vulnerable ballads and feel good bangers that his audience of young adults will undoubtedly be able to relate to. The EP is carefully formatted in chronological order of how the songs were written, allowing Nico to tell a comprehensive account of his emotional and artistic journey over the past year.

“You can hear the progression of the feeling and the story, and you can also hear how I grew as a musician throughout the project.”

His newest single “Evergreen” is the first release off of the EP. The majestic single transports the listener into an immersive sonic universe with enthralling vocals and mesmerizing synths. The chill song offers calming vibes, offering an escape to each and every listener through the fantastical musical experience.

Since his first single release of “Get Lost,” Nico has become a lot more intentional with his art. Fans can look forward to music more sincere and artistically advanced than ever before heard.

“When I first started, I was just putting sounds out there and trying to make them work. But now, I start with an idea and I really take time to think about what I want to do with it before I just start adding stuff.”

We were able to sit down in an interview with the up-and-coming artist to speak about his background, creative goals, and inspiration behind new music. Click on the link below to watch our full conversation with Nico!


Listen to "Evergreen" at the link below:

Stay updated on Nico's upcoming releases by checking out his socials linked below:

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