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Voze drops hot new single in collaboration with PRIMOSUX

“I wanted to end the year on a good note, giving people a taste of what’s to come next year” says Diego Monize, also known as the rap artist Voze. In our sit down interview, we got to talk to him about his newest song and hear more about what to expect from the young artist in the coming year.

Voze’s latest single, “What You Said” is a fresh start for the young but eager artist who is coming off a long hiatus with few drops. It’s the spark he hopes will ignite into something that could potentially take off on social media, especially TikTok. The song is in collaboration with PRIMOSUX, an artist that is experiencing his own rise in popularity as well. The track itself has a dark urban sound, almost something you would expect to see in one of the Fast and Furious movies. It’s an incredible reflection of Voze’s inspirations which include Uzi, Juice, and Future. The two artists compliment each other with their flowing verses and shared rhythm, highlighting the talent that both of them have while also demonstrating their versatility and ability to craft something that features the best parts of each individual's skill.

Scroll down to read the full interview with Voze!


Were there any issues or challenges you had to overcome with this project?

“It was kind of tough to release the song on all platforms, because the producer is from another country. And yeah, it was kind of hard to communicate with him and figure out things, like splits and all that. Besides that, I also kind of had to decide, do I want to drop the normal version, or do I want to drop the sped up version? More people asked for the sped up so I was like I might as well drop the sped up version.”

Did you make it with the intent of it to be for TikTok, or was it just a popular style on TikTok that you wanted to emulate because you knew it had the potential to become popular faster?

“I just had the idea. I wondered what it would sound like if I sped it up, because it was the first song I've ever actually really sped up that I was willing to drop. So I tried it, and then I noticed it sounded like that TikTok sped up type of music, you know. I think if I go with that sound for at least this first drop back, it could help me. TikTok is very big, and a lot of people blow up on that platform.”

You referred to this as your comeback. What led to the break that you are now returning from? Did you just stop releasing, or did you not create at all?

“I kind of stepped away, I'd say, from releasing. I was still always making stuff every now and then. But honestly, life just got in the way sometimes with work and school and all that. It was kind of hard to sometimes keep up with all this stuff too. But I feel like now that I'm living on my own, I can really do it. It's different now.”

Is there more we can expect in the new year?

“Oh yeah, everyone's gonna see me dropping new music. I'm gonna be trying to drop every three weeks or at least once a month. But I'm definitely going to get music out at least every month. No more breaks. I'm in a new environment now with people around me, and we just all grind it. There's no excuse for me not to. There is a strong possibility people will see an album in the next year though. I would release an album once I start to get a little more attraction from my singles.”

Click on the link below to hear Voze and PRIMOSUX on “What You Said”.

Don’t forget to follow Diego on Instagram and Soundcloud.

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