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Zoe Zobrist Talks About her Newest Single "Oh Baby," and Entering a New Chapter of her Life

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Zoe Zobrist has emerged with her newest single titled “Oh Baby,” and we are so excited for her to enter this new chapter in her life and career. Currently pregnant with her first child, Zoe’s introspective lyricism and touching themes surrounding new motherhood shape a beautiful acoustic ballad. The singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas has delivered gorgeous melodies of eclectic style for years, with each release building up to the unveiling of this new stage in her music career.

The song dropped just this Friday on September 24th, and Zoe’s wise storytelling truly encapsulates the overwhelming emotions that can be felt by expecting mothers. “With all of the chaos happening in my life at the time, writing helped me feel like myself still.” This song will pull on everyone’s heartstrings, and whether you are a new mom, or have experienced the loving connection between mother and child in any capacity, this song will certainly connect with you due to its relatable narrative.

Acting as a love letter to her future child, the tune is heart wrenching and unapologetically honest. Paired with the simplistic guitar instrumentals, Zoe sings words of loving encouragement with heartwarming lyrics like “Will you stand a little stronger than I do / When the world feels it’s breaking you / When the doors are closing will you kick them through / Cause that’s all that I want for you.” The song is delicately crafted to be fully sincere, and the vulnerable songwriting showcases an exceptionally personal and one of a kind side to her compositions.

Zoe has been building her audience since her debut single release back in 2018. She has racked up an extensive resume of accomplishments since then, having embarked on tours across North America at world renowned venues such as The Troubadour and The Viper Room. With over nine thousand monthly Spotify listeners, she has built up quite a platform, surrounded by an amazing team and a loyal group of supporters.

“Oh Baby” is now available for streaming on all music platforms. Scroll down below to read our full interview with Zoe, and watch the lyric video for her new single!


This single represents you entering a new stage of your life, let alone your music career. As you get into a new era with the release of “Oh Baby,” in what ways do you feel that your perspective has changed this time around?

I’ve definitely experienced a lot of fast paced change in my personal life over the past 10 months. It’s been really healing for me though & given me a whole new place to write from. Stepping into motherhood as well as getting married has brought a lot of happiness & level of love into my life that I hadn’t experienced before. That coupled with the challenges and amount of emotions that come with change has definitely provided a lot of writing inspo.

Was there a moment that you can pinpoint which inspired you to create this track?

Yes! We had been moving around quite a bit because our house was being repaired from a natural disaster. I was having a hard time feeling grounded and sat down to write. I ended up writing this song for my little one.

The gentle, acoustic production aspects of this song perfectly capture the complex emotions that are going through your head at the moment as you enter this new chapter of your life. Did you have a specific vision set to make an intimate song such as this one before you sat down to write it? Or was the process more organic and incidental?

I really liked the simple voice memo I’d recorded while writing the song so I wanted to keep that feel to it. I ended up recording this in a live room with one take through and kept it very raw for that purpose.

The genuine emotion that you convey through the lyrics and musicality within this record is incredible, can you give us a little insight into the creative process that goes behind the creation of such a vulnerable song?

With all of the chaos happening in my life at the time, writing helped me feel like myself still. I wrote this song on two separate days. The first day we were staying in a mobile home and I started playing some chords at the kitchen table. The first line came to mind and then I wrote the verses and pre-chorus first. It felt like there was something missing so I ended up adding the chorus later about a month down the road while playing guitar on the bathroom floor of the next rental we were in.

Your songwriting crafts a beautiful portrayal of the excitement but nervousness that can be experienced by new mothers. Would you say that you wrote this song with an intention to reach an audience of new mothers going through the same emotions that you are experiencing?

The intention behind the song was a letter to my unborn child. Realizing it could mean something to other mothers was a bonus that means a lot to me.

I understand that you have been involved in music ever since a very young age, how did you decide that you wanted to do this for a career? Was there a moment where it clicked for you?

When I was about 5 I was with my mom at a festival of some kind & saw a girl singing on stage. I remember immediately knowing that's what I wanted to do!

Do you come from a musical family? Was performing something that was heavily encouraged in your house growing up?

My dad was a guitarist in a band that toured in the 70’s so he was really passionate about music. He bought a piano for the house when I was a baby and as soon as I could reach the bench I started playing. My sisters were dancers growing up so my mom was already used to that sort of thing & was thankfully supportive of me pursuing something artistic.

Growing up in Dallas, how do you feel that the music scene around you affected the songwriter that you have become today?

There are so many talented musicians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I started playing shows with my original music in Dallas when I was 13. I definitely grew a lot by getting to play the venues in Deep Ellum/Dallas. (Trees, Curtain Club, House Of Blues, Palladium). There were also some hard lessons and I grew up a bit fast but all in all I do believe the difficulties I faced drove me to write and truly appreciate that outlet.

All of your music has such a warm and acoustic sound, but your storytelling and production makes your music extremely unique amongst the current trends. What genres do you feel that you pull the most inspiration from?

Growing up I listened to and was inspired by a lot of classic rock - Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc. I’m sort of all over the place as far as musical interest goes but I’d say I pull the most inspiration from rock and indie.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

Connecting with people. Having someone listen to a song and genuinely relate to it is so special.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

IV by Led Zeppelin

What are your plans for the near future?

Well, around the holidays we’re moving back to Southern California which I’m really excited about. I’m hoping to get back into playing shows asap but other than that just being creative over a few different mediums & enjoying my family.


Listen to "Oh Baby" on any streaming platform, and scroll down to watch the full lyric video!

Make sure to check out Zoe's website and follow her Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on her newest projects!

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