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Lauv on getting in touch with his inner child through his new album “All 4 Nothing”

Multi-platinum singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lauv is entering a new era of his artistry with the release of his second full-length album, All 4 Nothing. The artist has always been known for a discography filled with relatable stories and a well-rounded portrayal of emotions which resonate with his audience of young adults who grew up with him. However, Lauv has once again raised the bar when it comes to vulnerability within his music. Have your tissues in hand, but also be ready to party, because this album’s variety of emotions serves as an accurate account of both the struggle and exhilaration that has consumed the life of this young musician over the past few years.

Recently, Modern Mixtape sat down with the singer-songwriter to speak about his recent projects.

The endearing singer-songwriter is first and foremost a storyteller. Lauv has made himself known for releasing music that provides a vulnerable narration of his personal experiences. Lauv started his artist career in 2015, introducing himself with the viral single “The Other.” He got over 2 billion streams with his hit song “I Like Me Better”, reaching Platinum in the US and in twelve other countries.

His newest album removes any and all safety nets, as the artist gets real about specific struggles he has been faced with over the past few years in regards to his career, personal life, and the state of the world. All 4 Nothing shows the thorough self-reflection that the singer underwent, with meditative songs like “Hey Ari” that display Lauv discovering whether or not he is truly happy. Lauv’s lyrics strip him down to the core, entering a new era off his artistry with full transparency into his deepest thoughts and inner monologue.

All 4 Nothing is an album about sitting with stillness and embracing imperfections, all in an effort to uncover an underlying truth about oneself. When speaking about the story that the album follows, Lauv said, “It's basically me on a journey of finding my own inner light again. It tells the ups and downs of trying to find that after feeling really out of touch with my true self.”

Lauv is extremely passionate about advocating for mental health, and his newest projects have made huge strides in starting conversations about these topics. Over the pandemic, Lauv spent a lot of time navigating mental illness and finding a balance between work, personal life, and stability. He shares a deep connection with his audience due to his willingness to open up about his experiences, and All 4 Nothing can be expected to make a mark on the music industry and lives of each and every one of his dedicated listeners.

“‘All For Nothing’ was me being like ‘I am not happy as a person.’ The success I've gotten is amazing and I feel so lucky, but I was unhappy on the inside and I felt so anxious all the time. My next journey was defining what happiness is for myself, and going to find that.”

During the creation of his newest music, Lauv dove into the spiritual side of himself quite a bit as well. This album can be described as a personal diary of his journey to self acceptance and mental wellness after experiencing things like depression and anxiety first hand. While deeply personal and boldly specific, Lauv has a talent for encapsulating universal human experience through his music.

“When I was starting the album I remember feeling anxious all the time. I didn't trust myself and I didn't think I deserved happiness inherently. I was chasing happiness all the time. I think this album was a process to finding confidence, peace, gratitude, and that spiritual side of myself that I felt before my life became kind of complicated. It was a lot of meditation, inner child work, existential questioning, and getting to a place where I feel good on the inside no matter what happens on the outside.”

Lauv described the music on his newest album as 50% healing, and 50% party. Songs like “Kids Are Born Stars,” Molly in Mexico,” and “Stranger” are perfect for vibing in the car with your closest friends or blasting in the club on a Saturday night. Alternatively, songs like “I (Don')t Have A Problem” reflect on taboo subjects such as his grapple with addiction, and ballads like “First Grade” explore the individual growth that he has experienced due to the circumstances that have been handed to him in his life so far. There is truly something to be consumed by everyone at any time in their life on All 4 Nothing.

All 4 Nothing stands out among the rest of Lauv’s discography for its variety along with all of its vulnerability. Songs like “Bad Trip” get harshly specific about the struggles that Lauv has faced over the last few years as he has matured as an artist and human being. “Better Than This” contrasts the emotional themes presented in his earlier songs, with lyrics that are darker and more off the cuff than ever before.

“I felt like I really didn't filter myself, it's very straight up and there for people to see in a way that is not trying to be polished for a pop record. I think that was the hardest part because it was scary, but also the most gratifying part.”

Lauv consistently finds ways to step it up, allowing him to continue making the influential music that he is known for in the industry. He has undoubtedly made a difference in the lives of his loyal fans, offering a musical escape and a welcoming environment where his audience can connect with one another and feel validated in every way imaginable.


Listen to All 4 Nothing at the link below:

Lauv’s North American headline tour with Hayley Kiyoko will kick off August 11th. To purchase tickets, visit

Tour Dates

Aug 11th -Minneapolis, MN -The Armory

Aug 12th -Chicago, IL -Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom

Aug 13th -Detroit, MI -Meadow Brook Amphitheater

Aug 15th -Toronto, ON -RBC Echo Beach

Aug 16th -Montreal, QC -Place Bell

Aug 17th -Boston, MA -Leader Bank Pavilion

Aug 19th -Philadelphia, PA -The Met

Aug 20th -Pittsburgh, PA -Stage AE

Aug 21st -Cincinnati, OH -The Andrew J Brady Music Center

Aug 23rd -Columbus, OH -KEMBA Live!

Aug 25th -Washington, DC -The Anthem

Aug 26th -New York, NY -Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center

Aug 27th -New York, NY -Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center

Aug 28th -Ashbury Park, NJ -Stone Pony Summer Stage

Aug 30th -Charlotte, NC -Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

Aug 31st -Atlanta, GA -Coca-Cola Roxy

Sept 1st -Nashville, TN -Ryman Auditorium

Sept 3rd -Houston, TX -713 Music Hall

Sept 4th -Dallas, TX -The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

Sept 6th -Denver, CO -The Mission Ballroom

Sept 7th -Ogden, UT -Ogden Amphitheater

Sept 9th -Los Angeles, CA -The Greek Theatre

Sept 11th -San Diego, CA -Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Sept 12th -Phoenix, AZ -Arizona Financial Theatre

Sept 15th -Berkeley, CA -Greek Theatre -UC Berkeley

Sept 17th -Vancouver, BC -Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre

Sept 20th -Seattle, WA -WAMU Theater

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