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Get to know Cold Court: the band who took the Philly music scene by storm with their bold creativity

Rising Philly based group Cold-Court is paving their way with an enticing sound that demands attention. The charming 7-piece blends together their extensive range of inspirations with a harsh contemporary style to accentuate their musical adversity and boldness. The group is making a sweeping noise in the Philadelphia scene, and Cold Court’s passion and diverse musicality will undoubtedly make a mark on a broad audience.

Cold Court has recently caught the attention of Black Midi’s manager Callum Cassidy Sager, who has provided the opportunity for the band to join Black Midi on the first stop of their US tour. On Thursday, June 8th, Cold Court opened for Black Midi at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, where they wowed the crowd with their electric stage presence and brilliant musicality. Their standout performance undoubtedly caught the attention of everyone in the audience, and the buzz surrounding this emerging band will certainly not go unnoticed.

Inspired by an array of different music and styles, Cold Court combines influences of prog-rock, jazz, hardcore, and more to make their striking sound. On their most recent projects, the band cited a lot of music from bands like Yes and Black Midi for influence.

When talking about his musical background, Mini said,

“Now that we are on this journey I go back to hip hop, salsa, and jazz, and combine that in with the other influences I have with prog and folk to make what we have now.”

Mini and Jojo also mentioned their love of The Mars Volta when they were growing up, and they attribute a lot of their motivation in the music industry to their immediate fascination with the band.

“Half of Mini and I’s family are Puerto Rican, and our uncle would always put on a video of The Mars Volta playing at Terminal 5, and it's always been ingrained in our heads. We had to be around six and nine when we first saw it, and it was the best thing ever, and they look like us, which is really cool.”

The band first formed back in June of 2022, and the group has been expanding their creative range ever since. Cold Court has paved their own way in the Philly music scene with a sound that sticks out from the masses. The boundless creativity and passion shines through in their performances, and anyone lucky enough to see Cold Court live walks away with an experience to be remembered.

Over the past few months the group has been working tirelessly to write new music and get as much performance experience as possible. They have become quite known in the Philly DIY scene, forming a strong reputation as musicians and performers. Live performance is definitely the most important and impactful way for fans to enjoy their music, as it is a huge part of how their songs come to be.

When talking about their songwriting process, Charlie explained,

“We will develop songs during rehearsal times, but honestly I think the main thing behind our writing is the fact that when we play the songs live we tend to do something different with them every time and we evolve the song. I feel like we find a lot of our greatest moments and parts of our songs when we make them up on the fly in a live situation.”

Music from Cold Court comes nowhere close to being defined by a constrained genre, yet their music stands on its own, clearly making an impact on a broad audience. The anticipation is high for this group to release music on streaming platforms, and fans are eager to have the songs that they love to mosh and scream along to during shows at their fingertips.

When talking about their upcoming show with Black Midi, Alex said,

“I'm very thankful that we have this opportunity. It was really something that we had to work for, and I'm glad we took advantage of an opportunity that was there for us. We're very excited because obviously this is our biggest show yet, but on a grand scheme, this is really just the beginning.”

We were able to sit down with the group just before their show at Union Transfer to talk about their influences, goals, and upcoming projects.

Watch the full interview on Modern Mixtape TV at the link below:


Watch Cold Court's Performance at Lawn Jawn on their Youtube Channel:

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