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Katie Belle Akin on new music, mental health, and her time on American Idol | Modern Mixtape TV

American pop artist Katie Belle Akin has recently released her newest single “Now That I Know” available now for streaming on all platforms. The pop-powerhouse that is Katie Belle never falls short of brilliance, constantly dazzling her committed fans with electrifying pop-anthems and devastating breakup ballads. Katie is making bold strides in her career, curating a sound that soars beyond the limitations of contemporary music genres.

Her most recent single “Now That I Know” is a stunning piece that puts the singer’s maximal relatability and captivating storytelling on full display. The catchy pop-fuled track is an empowering feminist anthem that belongs on everyone’s summer 2022 breakup playlist. Katie Belle validates the feelings of her restless audience, making each and every listener feel seen by her beautiful lyricism and encompassing melody lines. Her recent music video for “Daughter” shows off Katie’s acting chops as well, using gorgeous cinematography to bring the song's profound lyrics and heavy emotional themes to life .

Katie Belle is an accomplished model and musician who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry for her eclectic resume. When she started out in her music career, Katie gained the attention of fans and industry executives everywhere after appearing on season 17 of American Idol. Her breathy voice and playful, stage presence caught the attention of mega stars like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, and she has been turning heads in the music business for her work ever since.

Katie Belle is coming out with new music and content that breaks boundaries, showing off her fearlessness in releasing brutally honest tracks which are completely genuine to her individual sound. Katie Belle has a voice that grabs the attention of every listener. Her one of a kind electro-pop voice influenced by the styles of pop icons such as Dua Lipa is complemented by strong Nashville and country-based roots within her songwriting, curating a sound that is unlike any other pop musician.

When we spoke on Zoom, Katie revealed that she will be dropping a new single titled "Don't" before the end of the month. She announced that there is a lot more breakup music to come, as this the newly single recording artist is eager to have her message heard.

We recently sat down with Katie in an interview to talk about the release of her single “Now That I Know,” her musical influences, and what keeps her motivated as an artist. Scroll down to watch the full interview for Modern Mixtape TV over on our Youtube channel.


Click the link below to listen to Katie’s newest single “Now That I Know” available for streaming on all platforms:

Watch her recent music video for “Daughter” below:

Make sure to follow Katie Belle Akin on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok to stay updated on her career, and check out her website to learn more about the artist.

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