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Miette Hope on her artistic journey and latest single “Fragments” | Modern Mixtape TV

Miette Hope is entering into a new chapter of her career with her most recent release “Fragments” out now on all streaming platforms. This talented artist is re-emerging with even more of the inspiring determination that she has become known for in the music industry. “Fragments'' serves as a representation of her personal maturity. This release is the first project in her discography that is completely self produced, showing off the artistic independence that Miette has developed over the years.

“Fragments” is a gorgeous indie-pop ballad with a folk flare, creating a gentle, intimate sound with its acoustic vibe. The song talks about feeling fragile, describing the emotional state as both beautiful and painfully vulnerable. She tells her story without filter, speaking honestly about her experiences with bravery in order to create a safe place for her audience to feel seen. Her songwriting allows for universal understanding by implementing clever metaphors left up to individual interpretation. The concept of the song was born when the young artist was thinking about the nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty.

“I was relating to the story feeling fragile, as if my skin was a shell and could break at any moment,” said Miette when speaking about her motivation for the single.

“Fragments” is the first single leading up to a fully self-produced EP. The song is her most genuine project to date, having created an elevated sound to reflect her artistry in its truest form. She perfectly captures these elements of fragility with careful production and delicate melodic lines. “Fragments” portrays the feelings of hope and vulnerability that we can all relate to, throwing her audience into an immersive sonic universe with its rawness and beauty. The lush guitar lines and complex harmonies compliment Miette’s introspective lyricism to create an emotional musical experience that captures the attention of each and every listener.

Miette Hope is a Brooklyn, NY based singer-songwriter and producer. With a profoundly developed sense of musicality, she infuses her songs with a rare left leaning pop sensibility supported by a deep jazz and R&B foundation. Her project with Ariza, The Natural Synthetic has received continuous praise from publications like EarMilk and editorial placements via Spotify on playlists like, Salt, Soda, Hanging out and Relaxing, and Fresh Finds. Her creativity is not going unnoticed, and her recent track “Enough” off of her own artist project received praise from MTV News for its “haunting inward journey that finds the narrator coping with pain via whatever means she can to fill the void.”

We were able to sit down in an interview with Miette just recently to talk about her artistic journey, musical influences, and her latest single “Fragments.”


Scroll down to watch the full interview with Miette over on Modern Mixtape TV!

Click the link below to listen to "Fragments" out now on all streaming platforms!

Learn more about Miette Hope by visiting her website, and make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on her career!

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